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For vibrafon, marimba og strykekvintett. Partitur og stemmer.


DAVIDE ZETA: Cremisi er for vibrafon, marimba og strykekvintett. Partitur og stemmer.


DAVIDE ZETA: Cremisi – Forord:

Cremisi (=crimson)
Written in October and first performed for the 35th Torino Film Festival in Italy.

It represents a segment of my life. I had various experiences that made me what I am until now. At this moment many people I love are in different parts of the world in different countries, cultures and atmospheres.

With this composition I wanted to express this situation, so I mixed various rhythms and different harmonies. At the same time I put together the classical String Quintet with the «exotic» sounds of Marimba and Vibraphone to give a further idea of different cultural realities that meet together.

Like the crimson colour itself, the composition has a strong red component (symbolizing the love for your friends, for your family and the passion in life) with a bit of blue (expressing the sadness and melancholy due to the fact that nobody can remain next to you forever).

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Vekt 240 g
Dimensjoner 30 × 22 × 1 cm