The Parting Glass (SSA)

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Damekor, Tenor

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Damekor, solo sang og akkompagnement med besifring.

Arrangert av Tove Kragset.
Tekst: Skotsk trad.
Melodi: Skotsk trad.

The sound of songs that always seems to have been there
The sound of voyages across the ocean
To new worlds
The sound of something forgotten
The sound of something remembered
The sound of FOLK
As long as people have journeyed through time, songs have travelled with them, taking something unique from one tradition and bringing it to another. Bringing traditions together, connecting people. There has always been a common musical language between the countries connected to the North Sea, where melodies have travelled back and forth for ages along with the journeys of people. Being outward bound, and longing west, I have made my musical journey to Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Their songs, along with the influence from Scotland, seem to represent something familiar to me, as though I’ve always known them. This is where it begins.
I hope these new arrangements will contribute to breathe new air into the old songs and carry them forward, like they have been for centuries, by FOLK.
Tove Kragset

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