SCHUBERT: Magnificat

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Klaveruttog / Vocal Score


SCHUBERT: Magnificat in C major

Klaveruttog. Inneholder innledning på engelsk og tysk.

Bärenreiter forlag.

This edition of Franz Schubert’s “Magnificat” D 486 is based on the composer’s autograph score and is the first to make use of his authorised performance material. It offers alternative readings that make the performance practice of Schubert’s day accessible to today’s performers. This entertaining large-scale “Magnificat” was composed in September 1815.

The edition is based on the Urtext from the “New Schubert Edition” and offers an informative Foreword with editorial notes in German and English. The original figured bass numerals found in Schubert’s score have been modernised in all performance material and meticulously adapted to meet the demands of today’s performers.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 1.2 cm