MOZART: At the Piano

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For piano solo


MOZART: At the Piano, for piano solo. 15 kjente originalstykker av Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Stigende vanskelighetsgrad. Henle Verlag, på engelsk.

  1. Menuett i G-dur, K. 1e
  2. Menuett i F-dur, K. 5
  3. Menuetter i C- og F-dur, fra K. 6
  4. Stykke i F-dur fra «London Sketchbook», K. 15hh
  5. Contredanse, K. 534
  6. Etyde, K. 626b/48
  7. «Sonate facile» i C-dur, K. 545, 1. sats: Allegro
  8. «Sonate facile» i C-dur, K. 545, 3. sats: Rondo
  9. Sonate i Ess-dur, K. 282, 1. sats: Adagio
  10. Sonate i G-dur, K. 283, 1. sats: Allegro
  11. Sonate i C-dur, K. 330, 2. sats: Andante cantabile
  12. Sonate i A-dur, K. 331, 2. sats: Menuetto
  13. 12 variasjoner av «Ah, vous dirai-je Maman», K. 265
  14. Sonate i B♭-dur, K. 570, 3. sats: Allegretto
  15. Fantasi i D-moll, K. 397
Beskrivelse på engelsk:

This volume opens with especially easy minuets written by Mozart when he was just eight years old. A successful mix of well-known and unusual pieces leads the player all the way to the profound Fantasy in d minor. A special feature here is the C-major study, which has not been available in any Henle edition until now. Selected individual movements from Mozart’s piano sonatas show the stylistic and emotional breadth and subtlety of his music, and offer manifold opportunities to practise and overcome specific technical challenges.

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