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For vibrafon/marimba solo med besifring.


MATTHIAS SCHMITT: Astrud er for vibrafon/marimba solo med besifring, så man kan arrangere til et band eller perkusjonsensemble.

MATTHIAS SCHMITT: Astrud – Forord fra komponisten:

Astrud Gilberto became «the voice» of Bossa Nova, when she sang by chance the refrain on “The Girl from Ipanema” written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, released on the album Getz/ Gilberto. The song became a Jazz Standard. Her husband Joao Gilberto had created years before a new style on the classical guitar combining surdo and tamborim rhythms from samba batucada in his picking hand. “Astrud” is written to be played on vibraphone solo or marimba solo. I added chords to enable a band arrangement or a percussion ensemble arrangement.

The piece was written in the early 80’s. Back then I played it to my friend Peter Sadlo. He liked it very much! About 30 years later he called me once and asked me about “Astrud”. I could not remember the piece.Then he sang the first bar of the tune, after nearly 30 years, he was able to recall the melody! So I started to restore the music. It took me two weeks to get it back, because I had no written music anymore. I added some new parts and this is the result now!

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Matthias Schmitt was born in Würzburg in 1958 (17th of January) and was introduced to music at the age of 4. As many of his generation, he got involved in popular music as a listener and musician in bands. At the end of the 70´s, Schmitt came in contact with the composer and percussion teacher, Siegfried Fink wich led to studies and greater involvement whith percussion instruments, which eventually made his career as a composer and teacher.

Since 1996 Schmitt has focused on percussion music, and has created some of the most popular marimba pieces on the market, like «Ghanaia», «Sechs Miniaturen», «Corrido» and «Nocturne» to name a few. His great interest in education shows clearly in his three-volume collection «Young and Sweet (Suite)», which now are available with a CD in each volume.

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