KRISTINE BRATLIE: 3 Concert Etudes

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For piano solo


KRISTINE BRATLIE: 3 Concert Etudes

For piano solo av Kristine Bratlie.

The three concert etudes Behind the scenes, Stagedive and Exit are musical metaphors describing the atmosphere in certain stages of life.

Behind the scenes
Our inner room, the private space where the continuous battle between genuine happiness, deep grief and true love takes place.

Discovering of presence and courage by choosing new paths.

The feeling of enlightenment and peace showing that the right choices were made.

The concert etudes are to be played with great passion through personal expression. I started this process by composing the music. In your hands it will develop into a piece of art.

Have fun!

Om komponisten
Kristine Bratlie gained her degree in music at the Norwegian Academy of Music and at the Mozarteum in Austria. She has held teaching posts at the Academy Barratt Due, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the municipal music school in Skedsmo and Lørenskog, and Concerts Norway. Over the years Kristine’s creative inspiration has led to the founding of the Bravo private music school in 2002, and has resulted in the performance and publication of her own compositions. Kristine has been an award winner in piano competitions on several occasions, and in 2012 her home town of Skedsmo awarded her the «Skedsmo kommunes kulturpris 2012» for her exceptional contribution to the arts in Skedsmo.


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