John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano: The First Grade Book (uten CD)

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En kjent og mye brukt lærebokserie for piano.

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En kjent og mye brukt lærebokserie for piano. Versjon uten CD.

John Thompson’s «Modern Course for the Piano» har oppnådd bred popularitet over hele verden. Lærebokserien består av flere bøker som inkluderer CD, og bidrar med et godt grunnlag for progressiv læring.

«The First Grade Book» er første bok i en serie av tre lærebøker for nybegynnere i piano av John Thompson.



Hand Position – C Major – The Phrase – ‘Music Land’

Musical Form – Patterns

Rhythm and Accents – ‘Runaway River’

Tempo – ‘The Traffic Cop’

Tonal Shading- ‘Swans on the Lake’

Semitones – Sharps, Flats and

Whole Tones – Identifying whole tones and semitones

Accidentals – ‘The Scissors Grinder’

New Hand Position – G Major – ‘A song of Penny Candy’

Two Melody Patterns – ‘The Man in the Moon’

Folk Tunes – ‘The Party’

Phrasing Attack – Right hand and Left hand

Combining Hand Positions – ‘The Robin’

Finger and Harmony Patterns – ‘The Clown’

Harmony Patterns – Left hand – ‘The Cuckoo’

Examination No. 1

Scales – Introduction

Building the C Major and G Major Scales

Scale in C Major – Ascending- ‘Scaling the Wall’

Scale in C Major – Descending – ‘The Chimes’

New Hand Position – for the left hand – ‘Stepping Stones’

Chord Building – Intervals and Triads

Chord Inversions – Triads in C Major and F Major

Broken Chord as a Melody – ‘Mountain Climbing’

New Hand Position – D Major – A Chord Frolic’

First Recital Piece – ‘The Fairies’ Harp’

Introduction to Quavers – ‘The Wishing Star’

New Hand Position – D Major – ‘Lightly Row’

New Hand Position – A Major – ‘Little Spring Song’

Staccato and Legato Groups- ‘Falling Leaves’

Dance Forms – ‘Dutch Dance’

A Descriptive Recital Piece – ‘The Fairy Court’

Examination No. 2

Example in Staccato – ‘The Tiresome Woodpecker’

Extended Hand Position – A Major – ‘The Knight and the Lady’

Rhythmical Pattern – used by Brahms – ‘A Little Waltz’

New Hand Position – B♭ Major – ‘The Owl’s Question’

Time – ‘Cheer for the Blue’

Two-note Phrases in Time – ‘The Cuckoo Clock’

Time – G Major – ‘The Singing Mouse’

Extended Hand Position – F Major – ‘The Birthday Cake’

Playing in Two Hand Positions – ‘The Popcorn Man’

Two Hand Positions – Time – ‘The Merry-go-Round’

Syncopation – ‘A Spanish Fiesta’

The Fox Hunt

Two Hand Positions – D Major – ‘Celia’

Examination No.3

Cross-Hand Position – ‘The Frog Chorus’

Wrist Staccato – ‘The Sleigh’

New Hand Position – E♭Major – ‘Little Bo-Peep’

The Forearm Attack – ‘Evening Bells’

New Hand Position – E Major – ‘Peasant Dance’

Broken Chord Accompaniment – ‘Long, Long Ago’

Three Hand Positions – ‘Silent Night’

Scale Patterns and Chords – ‘A Keyboard Recreation’

Interpreting Characteristic Music – ‘The Streamliner’

New Hand Position – A♭Major – ‘To a Skyscraper’

Two Hand Positions – for both hands – ‘Dublin Town’

Semiquavers – ‘John Peel’

Examination No. 4 75

Technical Drills

Four Certificates of Merit

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