Jean-Baptiste Bréval: Sonata C major Op. 40 No. 1

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Transkribert for cello og piano

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Jean-Baptiste Bréval (1753–1823) was a member of the orchestra at the Paris Opéra and also a prolific composer. His works include concertos for cello, string quartets, comic operas and a violoncello tutor.

However he is best-known for the Sonata in C major which has become a standard work for teaching purposes, even in arrangements for other instruments. The two movements (Allegro and Rondo Grazioso) can also be performed independently from one another. This sonata belongs to the basic repertoire of every young cellist.

• Ideal for the first “proper” recital
• Of moderate technical difficulty but with brilliant impact
• Duration: approx. 8 minutes

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