HENNING SOMMERRO: Fem nordiske portrett

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Five nordic portraits

For trekkspill/accordeon and strings

(N.M.O. 14228A / Score)

Orchestral material on hire

Portraits of five famous accordionists.

Gotthard Erichsen (1882-1964) was one of the earliest and most beloved gramophone artists in Norway, and many of his melodies have, for more than a houndred years, been on the tip of people ́s tongues.

Carl Jularbo (1893-1966) from Sweden, was one of Scandinavia ́s most notable performers and accordion idols. He made nearly 1600 recordings, and many of his melodies form part of the common repertoire throughout Scandinavia.

Toralf Tollefsen (1914-1994) was one of Norway ́s most internationally renowned musicians. He was based in London for 25 years and he built up a great international career through concert tours, recordings, compositions and transcriptions.

Andrew Walter (1914-1978) had a very versatile career with radio performances, albums, tours, music publishing and music journals. His ”gammaldance” melodies are often adorned with distinctive jazz harmonies.

Mogens Ellegaard (1935-1995) from Copenhagen introduced the accordion to contemporary music, and contemporary music to the accordion world. He built up a classical accordion class at the state conservatory in Copenhagen, which attracted students from around the world.

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