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for orchestra and violin

(N.M.O. 13973A / Study score)


for orchestra and violin

(N.M.O. 13973A / Study score)

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Borders is a three-movement violin concerto written for the Georgian violinist Aleksandre Khatiskatsi and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. The work is influenced by our changing world – trust and openness have gradually been replaced by suspicion and exclusion. Borders are patrolled, walls are being built, and refu- gees are driven away. Is this a pattern we have seen before?

In the first movement we are finding our way, searching. The echo of war and disappointment forms a backdrop. Fanfares of exaggerated self-confidence are heard.

The following movement is a melancholic, tender European elegy for a world we had hoped to witness, but which was never allowed to emerge.

The final movement of the work refuses to succumb and tries to give life to hope and optimism. The movement features a cadenza written by Aleksandre Khatiskatsi in close collaboration with the composer.

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