Gabriel Koeppen: Position Fun (40 lette celloduetter)

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40 lette duetter for 2 celle


Position Fun, Gabriel Koeppen. 40 lette celloduetter

Position playing with a difference – with motivating duets in popular styles which are fun to play. The player progresses in small steps from half- to 7th-position, thus covering the whole range. Each position is first isolated and then practiced alternately with others. The order of the pieces is flexible so that the collection can be used additionally to any cello method.
The second part is position-independent and intended for the teacher or advanced pupil. This way, it is fun to learn to change positions.
The original two-volume work has been brought together and rearranged in the present new edition which now provides information on all aspects of position changes in one volume.


– Halfpenny Or Nothing
– Grandma’s Gramophone
– New Shoe Rag
– Shuffle King
– Gospel Rock
– Drifting
– Slide Waltz
– Picnic On The Volga
– Up Ad Down
– Aquarium
– Peasant Dance
– The Ant Heap
– School’s Out
– Beath Time
– Old Aunty Nudelbeck
– Waltz for Anoushka
– Yiddish Song
– Gospel Rock
– Country Dance
– Boogie-Woogie
– The Snake Charmer
– Shish Kebab
– Grandpa’s Tune
– Habanera
– Tango
– Hopser
– Irish Tune
– Paternoster Blues
– The Race
– Happy Or Blue?
– Dance Of The Seahorses
– Three In a Boat
– String Wizard
– Mountain-Top Rag
– Bourrée
– Mountain-Top Rag
– Boogie Town
– Long Road
– A Dream
– Climbin’ Up

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