Ellen Lindquist: Groundings

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Trio for fiolin, cello og piano

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Program notes:
Groundings reflects the ongoing cycles of “groundedness” and “ungroundedness” that we as human beings all face throughout our lives: cycles in which grounded, balanced states evolve mysteriously into–and emerge out of–ungrounded, chaotic ones. The title also pays homage to the “ground basses” common in music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Commissioned by the British contemporary music ensemble Ephyra, Groundings was first performed in November 2004 at the Jacqueline DuPré Music Hall in Oxford, England. It was originally scored for alto saxophone, cello, and piano. This transcription for violin, cello, and piano was made for the Trio Eco Modern.

The production of the original score Groundings was funded in part by a grant from The
American Music Center’s Composer Assistance Program.


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