Colourstrings Violin ABC — Handbook for Teachers and Parents

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Håndbok i Colourstrings-metoden for lærere og foreldre.


According to Geza Szilvay, the Colourstrings ® method can make a violin player of almost anyone with motivation. The key to maintaining musical culture lies with the teacher. The Colourstrings ® is a teaching method developed by Geza and Csaba Szilvay. The method is ideal for preschool beginners and can be used effectively in instrumental teaching throughout the school years. It creates an environment in which singing, playing games and instrument live side by side, for the happiness of the child.

The Handbook for Teachers and Parents brings together the entire Colourstrings® series for the violin. The Handbook guides the teachers and parents through books A-F and Yellow Pages I-III, offering expert advice and methodological support to teaching in Colourstrings® method.
The method makes use of colourful teaching materials and supports learning by appealing to many senses. Founded on the principles of Zoltan Kodaly, Colourstrings ® develops the capacity for internal listening so that the child learns to visualize the notes heard and to aurilize the notes on the page. The method has been fostered by ESTA, ASTA, AUSTA, ISME, NMPU and IKS.

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