Colourstrings Cello ABC (Book C)

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Undervisningsmetode for cello utarbeidet av Geza Szilvay.


With a few exceptions, the songs in this book are introduced in positions where the melody can be played with natural harmonics. Playing the melodies with natural harmonics before using stopped fingering is of great benefit to the student to develop correct intonation. Playing melodies in harmonics is also very useful to help develop a good bowing style and clarity of sound. Before playing the melodies in the first (I) position, they should first be taught in the fourth (IV) position as this is a more natural position where the thumb is relaxed, fingers visible, and the stretch easier for a small hand. By taking all the transposition possibilities of Book B into account, the student is able to play a So-Mi melody in 55 places on the cello. Here in book C there are even more possibilities to transpose the beautiful melodies from many different countries.

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