CARL NIELSEN: Five movements from Aladdin suite

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Version for piano duet (four hands)

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Version for piano duet (four hands)

Arranged by conductor Esther Bobrova Lange

While working on my extensive project ”A Musical Presentation of Aladdin & the Magic Lamp” with music by Carl Nielsen for Narrator, Symphony Orchestra and Slideshow, I came upon the idea of arranging “Aladdin-suite” as a piano duet (4 hands).

This is the first time that the “Aladdin suite”, written for large symphony orchestra, has been arranged as a piano duet which can be performed by two pianists.

The “Aladdin suite” consists of seven movements of which I have chosen five most suitable for performing as a piano duet.

I have kept as closely as possible to Carl Nielsen’s score, so that all important elements of the music are included. The melody and accompaniment are equally divided between the primo and secondo voices. The nuances and articulations are written according to the original score.

When “Aladdin” is performed as a play, the “Dance of the Morning Mists” immediately follows “Aladdin’s Dream”. In this piano version, however, they can be played separately.

Conductor Esther Bobrova Lange

Carl Nielsen: Five Movements from Aladdin suite – For perusal:

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