Burkhard Roggenbuck: Kyklos

kr 249

For marimba trio.

Partitur og stemmer.


Kyklos (Κύκλοι σε κύκλο) for tre marimbaer. Partitur og stemmer.

The name Kyklos with the subtitle Κύκλοι σε κύκλο comes from the Greek and means circle, circles in a circle. Κύκλοι σε κύκλο refers to various themes and motives that repeat themselves cyclically in different order and length, and the name of Kylos refers to the end of the piece that finally ends as it begins. The compositon is written for three marimba players. To play this piece only two marimbas are needed: marimba players 1 and 3 play on a 5 octave marimba. Marimba Player 2 can play on a 4-octave marimba. The premiere had been played by Katarzyna Myćka, Lars Rapp and Burkhard Roggenbuck.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 29.7 × 21 × 1 cm