BERNHARD WULFF: Abgesang einer Feldlerche

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For perk-ensemble.


For perk-ensemble. Stykket kan spilles av opp til 6 perkusjonister. Følger ikke med stemmerett, så hver spiller trenger sitt eget hefte.

En CD med fuglesang som skal spilles i bakgrunnen kjøpes her:

BERNHARD WULFF: Abgesang einer Feldlerche (CD)

Forord (engelsk):

Abgesang einer Feldlerche / (last song of a lark)

All pichtes and all rhythms are taken fom the birdsong. The piece has according to the recording of the bird 4 parts: the first three are are identical, the last is in half tempo und one octave lower. The ensemble is playing synchron with the recording and the bird dynamic should lead the balance during the performance. The bird is the primadonna and the musicians must follow her rubati. It is recommended to learn the first part (ca 90”) individualy by heart as a solfége exercise (rhythm speaking). It is possible to finish the piece after the third part (page 24). The instrumentation of the bird is flexible and it is possible to performe this piece with less then 6 percussionists. Important is to keep the developement of the instrumentatlon colours: first part is only for one drum, part two and three expendig the instrumental choice.

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Dimensions 29.7 × 21 × 0.5 cm