BART VANDERBEKE: Trans4mations – 4 mallet multi-percussion studies for drum set

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Studier for trommesett med fre køller.


Trans4mations av Bart Vanderbeke. Studier for trommesett med fre køller.
Stykkene er i progressiv rekkefølge. For trommiser som behersker trommesett og vi lære seg å spille med fire køller (melodisk). Et «mellomstadie» der man benytter trommesettet man allerede har før man skaffer seg en marimba aller liknende.

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Om komponisten:

Bart is currently active as a composer, pianist and mallet player. He recorded Flow and The Octatonic Paradox (from his collection Short Stories for marimba) on the album Fingerprints #2 as winning compositions of the eponymous competition for Flemisch Composers. His pedagogical activities include teaching piano, percussion and percussion ensemble.

Bart has appeared as a performing artist with many leading orchestras and ensembles in Belgium. He was percussion soloist with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra for ten years. He has also appeared as a regular guest artist with such chamber music ensembles as Oxalys and Het Collectief, with whom he made several CD recordings.
In 2001 he obtained a Master in Percussion (maxima cum laude) under professors Gert François and Bart Quartier at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Previously, in 1998 he had obtained a Master in Piano under professors Jan Michiels and André De Groote. He participated in numerous master classes for both piano and percussion with people such as Sylvio Gualda (Xenakis), Jean Geoffroy, Keiko Abe, Emmanuel Séjourné, Franck Tortiller, Hans Leygraf, Daniel Polack, Bart van Oort and Daniel Blumenthal. In order to further broaden his musical horizons, Bart explored Jazz music with Michel Bisceglia.

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