Poetry, Passion and Playfulness  –  New Viola Concerto by Ståle Kleiberg

Poetry, Passion and Playfulness  –  New Viola Concerto by Ståle Kleiberg

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra – Olavshallen 22 April 2021 7.30 pm

Live and digital concert

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Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
Tabita Berglund
Eivind Ringstad



David Monrad Johansen: Pan, Symphonic Poem
Ståle Kleiberg: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 5

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The composer:

«Ståle Kleiberg is a contemporary Norwegian composer who should command major international attention. […] Kleiberg’s voice is very much his own, and not derivative or imitative. […]This is excellent music, and especially for those who are “afraid” of contemporary music, a fascinating prospect. I will seek out 2L’s other recordings of Kleiberg immediately.»
Brian Reinhart, Musicweb-international 

The soloist:

“ Norwegian-born (1994) violist Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad is a rising young Scandinavian artist who made his debut with the Oslo Philharmonic in 2013, launching him on an international career. Based on this new release, which I take to be Ringstad’s first commercial recording, I can attest that he is very, very talented, indeed. »
Jerry Dubins – Fanfare Magazine | March 01, 2018

Ståle Kleiberg

Ståle Kleiberg’s solo concertos make up a substantial portion of his output. As far as the strings go, it is only the viola players who have not had a Kleiberg concerto to grapple. And now Kleiberg can finally add a viola concerto to his opus list, and a new work to the sparse repertory of Norwegian concertos for the instrument. Kleiberg’s concerto takes place at an intersection of poetry, passion, and dance-like playfulness. This is highly accessible contemporary music that not for one moment renounces artistic quality. The concerto was commissioned by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and features the acclaimed young Norwegian viola player Eivind Ringstad. TSO and Ringstad recorded the work for the 2L label in the autumn of 2020.

Composer Ståle Kleiberg says the following about the work: “The Concerto for viola and orchestra was commissioned by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and will receive its first performance with Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad as soloist. The concerto is in three movements, each with its own distinct character. They come across as very contrasting, but at the same time the listener will experience an inner connection. This is because the music is organized around certain intervals that dominate melodic phrases and chord structures in all three movements. Unity and contrast is thus created by allowing different variations to grow from the same seed, to put it metaphorically.

When describing his creative process, Kleiberg often talks about a stream of consciousness in which light and shadow colour emotional expression and tune the mind in an

uninterrupted flow. Kleiberg’s day-to-day creative process consists of shaping musical forms of expression that correspond with what it means to be human. In other words, creating an emotional response to the very feeling of being alive.

New CD –   at  2 L

In the autumn of 2020, TSO recorded the viola concerto along with two others: my Violin concerto no. 2 and my cello concerto Dopo. These three works will be released on the 2L label as a sequel to the Grammy nominated album Treble & Bass from 2009 featuring my first violin concerto and double bass concerto. These five solo concertos form a central part of my output. With the viola concerto, my list of works now contains a solo concerto for each of the four string instruments.”

Translation: Andrew smith

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