Therese Ulvo: I am I am I am

kr 49

For Female Voices/Children’s Choir


About Therese Ulvo: I am I am I am

Norwgeian lyrics: Ruth Lillegraven
English translation: Kristine Hovda

I am I am I am contains four pieces for children’s choir: Wild of Spring, My Heart, Rest Now Heart og My Cradle. All the texts are from a collection of poems by Ruth Lillegraven, named EG ER EG ER EG ER and was published at Samlaget in 2016. The original Norwegian titles are Vårvill, Hjartet mitt, Kvil no hjarte og Mi vogge.

I am I am I am was commissioned by Classical Movements for the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus in honor of Artistic Director Anne Tomlinson’s 22nd and final season, as part of the Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program.

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