Really Easy Piano – Chart Hits – #2 Spring/Summer 2016

kr 190

Really Easy Piano


Easy arrangements of great pop songs, with lyrics and chord symbols, for the elementary piano student. Complete with background notes and a host of playing hints and tips.


  • Adventure Of A Lifetime [Coldplay]
    •Army [Goulding, Ellie]
    •Black Magic [Little Mix]
    •Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself [Glynne, Jess]
    •Eyes Shut [Years & Years]
    •Hello [Adele]
    •History [One Direction]
    •Lazarus [Bowie, David]
    •Love Yourself [Bieber, Justin]
    •One Call Away [Puth, Charlie]
    •Pillowtalk [Zayn]
    •Stitches [Mendes, Shawn]
    •Take Me Home [Glynne, Jess]
    •What Do You Mean? [Bieber, Justin]
    •When We Were Young [Adele]
    •Writing’s On The Wall [Smith, Sam]

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