Davide Zeta: Soul Vibes

kr 149

For Vibraphone and Marimba


DAVIDE ZETA: Soul Vibes for Vibraphone and Marimba.

Calm, relaxing and positive composition.
“Soul vibes” reflects the flowing of a new and refreshing energy like the one of the water during springtime.
It’s meant to be played before the beginning of concerts or as a break in the middle.

For Vibraphone part:
During the first and last sequence of the piece it’s possible to play notes with only the left hand, while the right hand is controlling the vibrato (fan rotation speed).
Written for Barcodes duo.

DAVIDE ZETA: Soul Vibes – For perusal:

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Weight 54 g
Dimensions 29.8 × 20.8 × 0.2 cm