Beethoven, L. van/Ulvedalen (Arr.): Symphony No. 5, 1. movement. Arranged for Organ Solo

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One of the history of music’s most well known pieces, arranged for the Organ.


Music: L. van Beethoven
Arrangement: Bjørn Vidar Ulvedalen

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In 2020, the 250th anniversary of the composer`s birth, Beethoven’s Fifth symphony provides an excellent opportunity to invite school classes to listen to an organ concert consisting of arrangements of classical orchestral music. This piece is often used in music curriculums and will be known to many. It might, however, come as a surprise to some that the organ is an orchestra in its own right!

The first performance of Beethoven’s fifth symphony took place on 22 December 1808 at a concert in which several other works were premiered. The concert itself attracted little attention. Perhaps this was because it was rather long, took place in a cold venue, and was performed by an orchestra that was reportedly ill-prepared. However, a short time later the work began to attract the renown it so deserved.

There is a long and well-established tradition of performing orchestral music on the organ. With a large enough instrument, it is possible to recreate the sounds of an orchestra. When approached as an arrangement rather than a transcription, the effect is such that the organ amplifies the original orchestral possibilities.

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