Sverre Eftestøl: Six English Playford Dances

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Arranged for organ

Contents: (with links to recordings):

  1. Mr Beveridge’s Maggot
  2. Hole in the Wall
  3. The Bishop
  4. Hunsdon House
  5. Parson’s Farewell
  6. The Queen’s Jig


In 1651 a music publisher called John Playford (1623–1686/7) published “The English Dancing Master”. This book proved such a success that a second edition was issued the following year, with further editions appearing right up to 1728 or so. These books contain numerous English country dance tunes.

In this opus, I have arranged six of them for organ, but have also added some of my own thematic material. Because of this, there are some changes to the original melodies.

Each dance can be played individually, but if the player wishes to perform the Six English Playford Dances as one piece, it would be best to play them in the given order.

Kvinesdal May 2017
Sverre Eftestøl

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