Andrew Smith: Requiem

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For equal voices, organ and improvising instrument.

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Anbout Andrew Smith: Requiem

Andrew Smith: Requiem for equal voices, organ and improvising instrument. The work was commissioned by Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir, who gave the first performance in 2012 with Arve Henriksen on trumpet. It was recorded on the album LUX (2L-150-SABD) in January 2018 at Nidaros Cathedral with Trygve Seim (saxophones), Ståle Storløkken (organ) and the Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir, conducted by Anita Brevik. The solo part is not notated, but the score gives cues, and the recording can be used as a reference. The musical material draws partly on Gregorian chant as a source of inspiration and fragments of the ancient Requiem Mass can be heard in the background. Requiem is dedicated to young, innocent victims of conflict, and in particular those who lost their lives at Utøya in 2011.

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