RIEDING: Concerto in b minor op. 35

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For Violoncello and Piano.


For Violoncello and Piano.

What Henle writes about the work:

“The name Oskar Rieding may seldom appear in concert programmes, but for students of the violin it is all the more familiar. To this day, his short concert pieces for violin and piano, written at the start of the twentieth century especially for beginners on the instrument, have maintained their place in lessons and class recitals. Restricted to the first position, the b-minor Concerto, op. 35, is ideal for beginners. For this Urtext edition, based on the first printing, editor Annette Oppermann received talented support; the Slovenian Rieding specialist Maruša Zupančič contributes an interesting preface on the little-known composer.”

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Dimensions 31.1 × 23.7 × 0.1 cm