RAMEAU: Naïs (Piano Réduction)

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Piano Reduction


Piano Reduction.

Details from www.barenreiter.com:

Opera with a prologue and three acts

The opera “Naïs” was premiered on 22 April 1749 at the Académie royale in the Palais-Royal, Paris, in celebration of the signing of the so-called Treaty of Aachen. It was revived again in August 1764 shortly before Rameau’s death and achieved great success as the “opera of peace,” even though it did not appear in print during the composer’s lifetime.

In numerous arias Rameau provides his singers ample opportunity to shine, while he reveals his orchestral mastery, in particular in the chaconne and the various other ballets.

The work appears here for the first time in a vocal score with a keyboard reduction. The reduction is by François Saint-Yves on the basis of the new critical edition by Pascal Denécheau which is part of Opera Omnia Rameau edited by Sylvie Bouissou.

This edition is the result of a meticulous comparison of all known musical sources. In the main section, it presents the version that Rameau approved for the performances of 1749. The appendix contains those passages that the composer cut during the rehearsals in 1749 and all changes that he undertook for the 1764 revival.

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