Sverre Eftestøl: På gamle tufter 3

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For organ


ON OLD GROUNDS 3 (English summary)

The compositions in this opus are my own compositions, based on local folk music material from Vest-Agder County, Norway. Some of them are also
arranged for violin and organ.

Lydarslått by Sverre Eftestøl
I composed the Lydarslått (Hearken Tune) for my daughter, Anne Ingebjørg’s conVirmation in 1995. The Hearken Tune is also arranged for violin and
organ, recorded on cd: “On Old Grounds” 9611CD/SEPTG14.

Salmeli composed by Sverre Eftestøl
Salmeli is a remote farm in the northernmost part of Kvinesdal, a cultural pearl with old buildings and lush pastoral landscape. There’s a legend at
Salmeli about two missing children. It was during the summer haymaking on the Atlagstøl farm. After searching for eight days, the kinfolk heard an
enchanting song. They followed the sound and found the children – who lay dead. That hillside became known as Salmeli. There is a Vield at Salmeli
called Bodnågren (“children’s Vield”) where the young ones were found.

The piece was composed in 1996 for violin and organ as a musical reply to this legend, recorded on cd: “On Old Grounds” 9611CD/SEPTG14. The
version for organ is composed in 2017.

Munnharpeslått composed by Sverre Eftestøl
Originally a country air which I composed for the Jew’s-harp in 1994. It is rewritten as a Toccata for organ in 2008/2017.
A version for violin and piano named “Håball” is recorded on cd: “On Old Grounds” 9611CD/SEPTG14, and on YouTube.

Kvinesdal in July 2019
Sverre Eftestøl

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