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For Marimba Duo


MATTHIAS SCHMITT: Drei Skizzen, for Marimba Duo.

  • Three-Movement Marimba Duet
  • Fast, Slow, Fast Structure
  • Upbeat and Dance-Like
  • Audience-Friendly
  • Difficulty: Medium +
  • Duration: 10:45 Total

Drei Skizzen (Three Sketches) by Matthias Schmitt is a three-movement marimba duet written in the traditional style: fast, slow, fast. This music is another example of Matthias’s upbeat, dance-like compositional style that is both fun to play and entertaining for the crowd.

The first movement, Allegro, is a happy 6/8 dance. The second movement, Lento Cantabile, is a darker, jazzy chorale. The final movement, Presto, is lively and features more melodic solo moments.

Difficulty: Medium +

Duration: 10:45 (3:00/5:00/2:45)

3 Skizzen

1. Allegro

2. Lento cantabile

3. Presto

Om komponisten:

Matthias Schmitt was born in Würzburg in 1958 (17th of January) and was introduced to music at the age of 4. As many of his generation, he got involved in popular music as a listener and musician in bands. At the end of the 70´s, Schmitt came in contact with the composer and percussion teacher, Siegfried Fink wich led to studies and greater involvement whith percussion instruments, which eventually made his career as a composer and teacher.

Since 1996 Schmitt has focused on percussion music, and has created some of the most popular marimba pieces on the market, like “Ghanaia”, “Sechs Miniaturen”, “Corrido” and “Nocturne” to name a few. His great interest in education shows clearly in his three-volume collection “Young and Sweet (Suite)”, which now are available with a CD in each volume.

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