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Grete Pedersen’s collection of folk music no. 16

For mixed choir (SATB)

Musikk-Husets blanda korbibliotek nr. 573

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Grete Pedersen’s collection of folk music no. 16.

For mixed choir (SATB), arranged by Ørjan Matre.

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker was written by bishop and hymnodist Hans Adolf Brorson and can be found in the collections Nogle Jule-Psalmer (1723) and Troens Rare Klenodie (1739). There were eleven verses in the original version, though they are rarely all sung. This is a popular Christmas hymn throughout Scandinavia.

The words are most often sung to a traditional tune from Västergötland in Sweden (the tune appears in its entirety from bar 42). Ørjan Matre’s arrangement also includes a folk tune from Voss.

Recorded on the CD Rós (BIS 2029) The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, conductor Grete Pedersen.

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