For four players on one Grand Marimba.

Score and parts.

24 pages.



Burning Bars by the Polish Composer Krzysztof Falkowski is a composition from 2017 for four players on one Grand Marimba.

This energetic piece draws its inspiration from composers such as Emmanuel Séjourné, Ney Rosauro, and not least from Astor Piazzola. Existing somewhere between art music and popular music, the composition demands great skill and precision of its performers.

The title refers to a gradual densification of notes played very loudly, perhaps evoking an image of the marimba’s bars about to catch fire. The music then quietens down, before returning to its previous state of nearcombustion.


About the composer:

Krzysztof falKowsKi (born March 31, 1996) a composer, arranger, songwriter from Połchowo in Poland. A student of The Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk on the Departament of Conducting, Composition and Theory of Music; speciality – composition.

He graduated two degrees of music schools (I.-trumpet, II.-percussion). At the age of 13 he wrote his first arrangement for the brass orchestra. Soon, his interesting transformed into composing music. In his pieces he tries to connect different music styles, from choral music to minimal music and jazz. He performed with many Tricity music groups and variuos artists. In his previous career he can pride himself on working with D. Baduszkowa Vocal and Acting Study in Gdynia, writing arrangement for diploma concert played in Music Theater in Gdynia. He is and 3rd place winner of the national composing contest on ‘Passion Song in the Kashubian language’ (2018). In spite of his young age, he wrote more than 100 arrangements, many high music composition and popular songs. His pieces are playing often during the concerts, festivals and galas.

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