Kjerulf, Halfdan / Grinde, Nils: COMPLETE WORKS volume 2

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63 songs + critical comments.

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63 songs + critical comments.
Halfdan Kjerulf was the first Norwegian composer to make use of Norwegian folk music in his compositions. In so soing he created a distinctly Norwegian musical language which in time came to have a decisive influence on the succeeding generation of Norwegian composers, notably Nordraak, Grieg and Svendsen. Kjerulf appreciated the value and significance of both Norwegian and European music. He was both a Norwegian and a "Leipziger" at heart, being critical in his appraisal of Norwegian as well as European music. His own compositions reflect this dual of allegiance.

"The Complete Works of Halfdan Kjerulf, volumes 1 – 5" contain approximately 380 compositions: 125 somgs with piano accompaniment, 110 piano pieces, 110 compositions for male chorus, and 35 other compositions including incidental music for a comedy. Of these compositions some 80 are published for the first time here, among them 10 songs and 10 piano pieces. Volumes 4 and 5 contain more than 60 previously unpublished works. Some of these compositions contribute significantly to our appreciation of the composer Halfdan Kjerulf. These five volumes also include a number of compositions which,though they have been published previously, still remain relatively unknown.

"The Complete Works of Halfdan Kjerulf, volume 1 – 5" has been edited by Nils Grinde, professor em. of musicology at the University of Oslo. This edition is based primarily on manuscript sources and earlier publications, found in "Norsk musikksamling" at the University Library in Oslo. Other materials were found in libraries and archives in oslo, Bergen, Hamar, Stockholm, Uppsala and Copenhagen. The edition is intended for both practical and research purposes.

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