KIM ANDRÉ ARNESEN: Even when He is silent (Piano solo)

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For piano solo

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For piano solo

Forord / Preface:

This year it’s 10 years since “Even when He is silent” was premiered. I’m very excited to be able to share with you the new solo piano version. Even if this version is totally new, it’s actually taking me back to when I was writing the piece. I did most of the work on the piano, and it developed during a quite long time. Parts of it were written on the grand piano in the Nidaros Cathedral. I’ve tried to be as close to the original choral version as possible, only with some pianistic adjustments. In fact, this is quite close to what I was actually playing when the piece was born and developed.

I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining.
I believe in love even when I feel it not.
I believe in God even when He is silent.

Anon. 20th century, World War 2

Kim André Arnesen

Om komponisten:

Kim André Arnesen (b. 1980) is one of the most frequently performed classical composers from Norway today. He grew up in Trondheim. While being a daily follower of MTV, and no one understood why he was such a big The Cure fan at the age of 10, he also played the piano at the music school and was a chorister in the Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir.

He was educated at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim. With a big interest in baroque music, contemporary classical music, and popular music, Kim could have taken many roads, but choral music became his greatest passion. As a composer, he had his first performance at the age of 18 with the boys´ choir. Since then he has written music that has been performed by choirs all over the world.

In 2011 his choral work Even when He is silent had its premiere during the St. Olav Festival (Olavsfestdagene) in Trondheim. The piece was commissioned by the festival and has since its premiere been performed many times around the world and recorded on several CDs.

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