Andrew Smith (arr.): I Oletjedn, i Olekjinn

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Arranged for Mixed Choir A Cappella (SATB)

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About I Oletjedn, i Olekjinn

I Oletjedn, i Olekjinn is a legend in Norwegian folklore tells of a farm girl who was out picking berries with her son near the Olevatn lake in Valdres. Suddenly she noticed that her boy had disappeared. She searched and searched, and many came along to help, but to no avail. As a last hope they fetched the bells from Hegge church and rang one of them to call the boy “out of the mountain” as the legend says. After a long while he appeared, but the bell fell from its support and the boy vanished from sight. And it was as if people could hear soft words coming from the bells, the lamenting of a desperate, grief-stricken mother. The gentle singing of the bells can be heard at the beginning of this arrangement.

By lake Olevatn
I lost my dearest child.
They rang the bell throughout the valley,
but never, never did my boy come back.
I climbed up on a rock, I shouted and cried,
but I saw him no more.
O my boy, my boy.
They took him back into the mountain.

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