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Opera in 2 acts

Music and libretto: Hjalmar Borgström (1864-1925)

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Opera in 2 acts

Music and libretto: Hjalmar Borgström (1864-1925)

(N.M.O. 13128 / Vocal Score)

Orchestral material available on hire

„Thora“ was written in 1894 by norwegian composer Hjalmar Borgström (1864 – 1925), in a period which is considered the golden age in norwegian music history. The composer also wrote the libretto himself, basing it on the story of Håkon Jarl’s murder on the farm Rimol in 995, as described in Snorre Sturlason’s saga. The opera has therefore also been named „Thora on Rimol“.

As „Thora“ has never been performed in his time, it has never been revised, as composers like to do in collaboration with performing artists in the course of rehearsals and performances. Thus, nobody has heard or seen the opera before it has been premièred on location, at Rimol in Melhus, outside of Trondheim, in October 2002.

The score, as presented here, is therefore a practical edition. It is the result of the involved artists’ work with „Thora“ as a work of music drama, starting with the recording in 2001, over the publication of the CD, the staged première and repeated staged performances up to the year of 2015.

Harald Bjørkøy, Director

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