Håvard Gravdal (arr.): Huldra

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Arrangert for female voices (SSMMAA)

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Music: Norsk folkevise, etter Margreta Opheim og Agnes Buen Garnås
Arrangert for female voices (SSMMAA) by Håvard Gravdal

Dedicated to the six voices of Sjaella
Recorded on their album «Meridiane – Nord» (Raumklang, 2018).

A hulder (or huldra) is a female seductive forest creature, a wood nymph, found in Scandinavian folklore.
Her name derives from a root meaning “covered” or “secret”. In this song she is yelling to a crone whose
children are screaming because they are hungry. She commands the crone to feed them as she is doing
with her own children.

Norwegian folk music has been passed down orally for several generations which allows for individual
interpretations for each version. The melody should be sung non-tempered, including blue notes and
ornaments, moving quickly to the consonants. The vowels are short, sung much in the same way as you
would speak the text.

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