Easy Concert Pieces for Flute and Piano 1


16 concert pieces for flute and piano.

Includes Play-Along CD.


Easy Concert Pieces for Flute and Piano 1 contains very easy to easy pieces with a range of notes up to two octaves. These generally song-like and intuitively straightforward melodies require simple breathing techniques. Phrasing is supported throughout by clear and straightforward piano accompaniments.

Includes Play-Along CD.


  • P. Attaignant: Gaillarde
  • G. Mainerio: Tedesca
  • M. Praetorius: Dance
  • Anonymus: Shepherd’s Hey
  • A. Krieger: Minuet
  • J. Fischer: Bourrée
  • J.P. Eisel: Paisanne
  • J. Clarke: Prince of Denmark’s March
  • J. Krieger: Bourrée
  • A. Vivaldi: Allegro from: Spring
  • A. Vivaldi: Largo from: Winter
  • Anonymus: Greensleeves to a Ground
  • J.A. Hasse: Bourrée
  • J. Haydn: Andante
  • J. Hook: Allegretto
  • M. Schönmehl: Walking by the Sea

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