Easy Concert Pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano 2


23 concert pieces for alto saxophone and piano. Easy/intermediate.

Includes Play-Along CD.


Easy Concert Pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano 2 contains easy pieces which mainly range from d‘ to c”’, occasionally even to d”’. The keys range from C to D major or the respective minor keys. This volume contains works by Charpentier, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Smetana, Pütz, Moser, and others.

Includes Play-Along CD.


  • O. v. Wolkenstein: Gelück und Hail / Good Luck and Blessings – P. Peuerl: Suite in Eb: I. Intrada
  • II. Dantz
  • III. Paduan
  • IV. Galliarda – J. H. Schein: Allemande
  • H. Purcell: Rondeau / Rondo
  • G. P. Telemann: Largo
  • G. F. Händel: La Réjouissance
  • W. A. Mozart: Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja / The Bird Catcher’s Song
  • W. A. Mozart: Das klinget so herrlich / That sounds so wonderful
  • L. v. Beethoven: Thema aus / Theme from: Violin Concerto op. 61 – C. Baermann: Romance / Romanze
  • C. Dancla: Romance / Romanze
  • C. Guonod: Ave Maria
  • E. Humperdinck: Evening Prayer / Abendsegen
  • E. Elgar: Andante from / aus 6 Very Easy Pieces op. 22
  • E. Elgar: Trio (Land of Hope and Glory) op. 39/1
  • H. Schroeder: Autumn Melody / Herbstweise
  • F. Zehm: Bagatelle
  • M. Seiber: Tango 1
  • M. Seiber: Tango 2 (Habanera)
  • R. Mohrs: Arietta

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