Bjørntvedt, Kaja: PLAYFUL PIECES


For piano, six hands


For piano, six handsThrough my experience as a piano teacher, I have seen how important it is to train the student´s musical understanding. Using ensemble pieces the students learn to listen to themselves but also to the others in the group. The piano is often regarded as a solo-instrument and it is a challenge for us piano teachers to create an instructive ensemble. With this in mind, I have composed piano pieces for six hands.

This book is aimed for beginners and intermediates, both children and adults. The fingering is left for the student/teacher to decide, so that it can be adjusted to each hand. In some places you may like to share the voice between the right and left hand.

I have taken inspiration from the fugue-form so that each voice in turn plays part of the melody or countermelody. In this way, each student can contribute with a few simple tones, at the same time as taking part in a more advanced piece than they would be able to achieve alone. These pieces are an excellent exercise in rhythm, listening and coordination, as well as being great fun!

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