11 Children’s Songs arr. for Piano Quintet: Conductor’s Score

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Forfatter: Lauri Hämäläinen

Språk: Engelsk

Kvintett: fiolin 1, fiolin 2, bratsj, cello og piano.

11 Children’s Songs arranged for Piano Quartet. 1. THE SMALL TRAIN (Danish) 2. POTPOURRI (American, French, German) 3. OLD MCDONALD (American)4. IHAHAA (Finnish)5. FRÈRE JAQUES (French)6. SAMBA LELE (Brazilian)7. MARCH OF THE ELEPHANTS (Finnish) 8. ITSY BITSY SPIDER (American)9. POOR LITTLE TEDDY (Finnish)10. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING (Swedish)11. RATI RITI RALLAA (Finnish)The purpose of the Violin Friends music books is to inspire students and their friends to practice and perform music together with happy, pedagogical and fun music.11 Famous Children’s Songs gives students the chance to play rhythmical variations of well-known melodies. The melodies are written in the first position except for the Poor Little Teddy where the cello line introduces playing in positions for the cellists.The family of Violin Friends consist of Violin Friends I- II, Viola Friends I -II, Eight Trios for Violin, Eight Trios for Viola, 12 Variations on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Mozart arranged for piano quartet and 11 Children’s Songs arranged for piano quintet.

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