Henning Sommerro

Sommerro was born in Surnadal in the west of Norway, and won his way into the hearts of many with his song Vårsøg (Longing for Spring) in 1977. Since then the melody has been included in NRK´s (Norwegain Broadcasting Corporation) daily program Nattønske (Night-Wish), which makes it one of the most used Norwegian tunes ever. This was the start of what has been, and remains, a long and varied career as a composer, performer and teacher. Henning Sommerro has become an institution in the musical life of the nation.

He studied piano, organ and composition in Norway, Holland and Switzerland. Throughout the 1980s he worked as an arranger for artists and performers and wrote a large amount of music for theatres. He was also associated with NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and the theatre companies ‘Teatret Vårt’ and ‘Trøndelag Teater’.

Querini Opera
Violin concerto: part of 2nd movement
Brimi/ Nordic Portraits

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