Hire material

Hire material


Norsk Musikforlag’s catalogue contains some 1000 works for orchestra: symphonies, solo concertos, songs and stage works.

Orchestral works are normally available on hire. The hire fee is dependent on the duration of the piece and the number of performances. The tariff for an amateur orchestra is lower than for a professional orchestra. For recordings and stage works, special conditions apply.

If you are planning a performance, you may borrow a score for inspection for a limited period of time.

For orders and inquieries please contact us:

order@musikforlaget.no / Tlf: 23002010/ Fax: 22424435

You may also complete the order form.

Return Address

All hire material must be returned to Norsk Musikforlag A/S (unless otherwise agreed)

– Business package / courier etc. (delivered to our street address):

Norsk Musikforlag AS
Konowsgate 67B
0196 Oslo

– Letter / Package under 2 kg (under 4.4 lbs):

Norsk Musikforlag AS
P.B. 1499 Vika
0116 Oslo