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Norsk Musikforlag's shop on Karl Johan street in 1909

Norsk Musikforlag’s store front on Karl Johan’s street, 1909

Our music store has roots going back to 1843. First known as Warmuth’s, the name changed to Norsk Musikforlag in 1909. From the very start the store became a meeting place for lovers of music and the arts. The great musicians of the age would often pay the store a visit when performing in Oslo. Amateur musicians and beginners would stock up on sheet music and teaching material, and before Christmas, queues would stretch out into the street.

The store on Karl Johan’s street was a place to pop in for a chat with the staff, all of whom were passionate about music. If you had time to spare, you might find yourself making your way to Norsk Musikforlag to browse sheet music and records.


Where can I buy sheet music today?

Even though we are no longer located on Oslo’s high street, our music store is in essence still the same. You will find the same passion for music in our staff today, who will enthusiastically guide you through the jungle of sheet music, composers and publishers. You are more than welcome to come and browse thousands of titles – and we’ll offer you coffee while you work! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll order if for you. If you can’t visit, then give us a call, send an email, or visit our website. Our aim is to help everybody!


What kind of music can you find at our store?

Our music store offers a generous selection of music from Norwegian and international publishers in addition to our own publications. We have a wide selection of teaching material and graded music for piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, French horn (and tenor horn), trombone, euphonium, baritone and tuba. We endeavor to supply the standard repertoire for most instruments in addition to a large selection of lesser-known works. We can also offer a range of textbooks on aural training, harmony, music history, composing, arranging, instrumentation and orchestration, music teaching and music theory. We are retailers for renowned publishing houses including G.F. Henle, Bärenreiter, Boosey & Hawkes, Wiener Urtext, Edition Peters, Schott, Breitkopf & Härtel, Schirmer, Editions Henry Lemoine, Alphonse Leduc, Univeral, Hal Leonard, Music Sales, Noteservice and Cantando.


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Our publishers

Norsk Musikforlag's Music Store

Norsk Musikforlag A/S

is one of Scandinavia’s leading independent sheet music publishers, and Norway’s oldest and largest music publishing company. The company has existed under its present name, Norsk Musikforlag, since 1909, but has roots as far back as 1862 when the company was established under the name Warmuth. Norsk Musikforlag alone has published some 16000 titles to date. The company is located in Oslo.

The Norsk Musikforlag catalogue, in addition to containing works by leading Norwegian composers throughout a century, includes a growing number of works by internationally renowned composers outside Norway. Several works for Norsk Musikforlag’s percussion catalogue (see www.norsk-percussion.no) now belong to the standard repertoire and are among the most frequently performed percussion pieces around the world. Norsk Musikforlag A/S publishes music for a wide range of instruments and ensembles, in addition to teaching material and music text books.


Musikk-Husets Forlags Music Store

Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S

was established as a music publisher and retailer in February 1939, located on Karl Johan’s street in central Oslo.

Over the years Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S has worked with many composers and writers. Our publications range from simple solo pieces via teaching material, biographies and music history books to a diverse choral catalogue and works for full orchestra.

As of 1 January 2004 Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S joined forces with Norway’s largest music publisher, Norsk Musikforlag A/S. From this date, Musikk-Huset’s import business was integrated into that of Norsk Musikforlag. Musikk-Huset, operating from the same offices as Norsk Musikforlag, continues to publish music under its own name.


Lyche Musikkforlags Music Store

Lyche Musikkforlag A/S

was founded as a music publishing company in 1955, located in Drammen. The Lyche catalogue includes works by many of Norway’s foremost 20th century composers, such as Fartein Valen, Edvard Grieg, Klaus Egge, Eivind Groven, Knut Nystedt and Egil Hovland, as well as what is perhaps the most familiar song book in Norway Syng med oss. In 1997 Lyche was bought up by Norsk Musikforlag and renamed Lyche Musikforlag. Lyche Musikforlag continues to publish under its own name, with a primary focus on sacred and liturgical music.