Emmanuel Séjourné

 – with more than 300 performances of his concerto for marimba and orchestra!

Séjourné is head of percussion at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. He started to compose around the time he became a faculty member at the conservatory, and has focused increasingly on composing while continuing to perform and teach.
In his works Séjourné varies the ensembles, composing for orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists. His music is eclectic. His compositions include incidental music and musicals, as well as dance and film music. He also works as a composer for France Culture, German television networks ARD and ZDF, and the Franco-German cultural television channel ARTE.
His Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra has achieved great success. It was commissioned by the International Marimba Linz in 2006 and dedicated to the marimba player Bogdan Bacanu. It has subsequently had several hundred performances, by academies of music, universities and orchestras in every corner of the world. In every corner of the world, with orchestras like Amman Symphony Orchestra, Wiener KammerOrchester, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra.

When asked why he thinks the piece has had such amazing success, Séjourné answers:
«I am surprised by the success of the concerto for marimba. But I do think the marimba players need to revive a classical composition, as this has been missing in the history of the instrument. The audience is happy to discover the marimba and all its possibilities as a solo instrument. I try to compose, not for a music laboratory, but music which will affect the audience emotionally, and that should be a pleasure to play for the musicians involved.

I am thankful for Bogdan Bacanu´s confidence in giving me the opportunity to write the concerto.»

This month we have published his concerto for marimba and wind orchestra, which also gives the possibility for wind orchestras the opportunity to perform this significant piece.

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