SCHUBERT: Fantasi i F-moll, op. 103

kr 230

For piano 4-hendig


Fantasie f-moll, Opus 103 av Franz Schubert for piano 4-hendig.

“No other great composer left as many works for piano duet as Franz Schubert. Making music with others, often in a social circle, was a solid component of the Schubertian circle of friends. With the Fantasie in f minor D 940 op. post. 103, however, Schubert completely left the sphere of social gatherings and created, in the first months of his last year of life, a work of almost symphonic form, whose elegiac atmosphere at the beginning sets the tone for the entire work. Schubert was apparently aware of the significance of the work and prepared it for printing: the autograph already contained in his hand the opus number of the first edition published in March 1829.”

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 31 × 0.3 cm