GUILMANT: Morceau symphonique

kr 215

For trombone og piano. Urtext.


GUILMANT: Morceau symphonique for trombone og piano.

GUILMANT: Morceau symphonique fra Henle sine nettsider

Alexandre Guilmant was one of the greatest representatives of the French Romantic organ school, and composed almost exclusively for his instrument. A rare exception is this “Morceau symphonique”, written in 1902 for the Paris Conservatoire’s annual trombone class competition. The charming piece soon found its way into the repertoire – as did Saint-Saëns’s “Cavatine” (HN 1119). It is today among the essential standard works of trombone literature. The “Morceau symphonique” is here offered in its first-ever Urtext edition, based on the autograph and the first edition. We also offer here a particularly special treat – the sight-reading piece that Guilmant wrote for the same competition, which had until now slumbered in the archives and is here published for the very first time.

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Dimensions 31 × 23.8 × 0.4 cm