Composer–in–Association with BBC NOW for the 2014/ 15 Season

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B Tommy Andersson was born in 1964 in Borås, Sweden. He has long enjoyed a dual career as a composer and conductor and is now Composer-in-Association with BBC NOW – the BBC National Orchestra of Wales for the 2014/15 season.
During the season B Tommy Andersson will work closely with the BBC NOW on a number of concerts including a Composer Portrait at BBC Hoddinot Hall as a concert where B Tommy will also conduct the Orchestra, bringing his expertise of Swedish repertoire to a concert exploring the far–flung corners of his native music.
His Composer–in–Association tenure with BBC NOW opened on 20 October this year with The Garden of Delights, a piece which has already seen several performances since it was premiered at Stockholm Concert Hall in 2009. The piece had a lovely response from the orchestra, as well as from younger and older members of the audience alike. The piece undoubtedly added energy to what will be an exciting period for BBC NOW.
The Composer Portrait of B Tommy Andersson on 25 February 2015 will delve deeper into his music, and will include his pieces Death in Venice, Passacaglia, Apollo (percussion concerto) and Warriors.
Satyricon – a choreographic poem for large orchestra will have its Welsh premiere on 5 June, and as BBC NOW closes its St Davids Hall season.

About his music is said:

“His music has changed considerably over the last four decades – from the nostalgic to the experimental and serialist, and eventually into what can be described as his current style, firmly established in the 1990s and influenced by Olivier Messiaen’s ‘modes of limited transposition’ technique. Andersson’s colourful, sensual music is fundamentally tonal but imbued with a certain rootlessness and longing, ‘a tonality that is driven so far that it no longer has any decided place’ in the composer’s own words. A Nordic sense of textured light and an arresting gift for the lyrical, the latter prevalent in his orchestral works but most obvious in his many shapely vocal and choral pieces, are also Andersson hallmarks”

Andrew Mellor, Gramaphone, 2014

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