Artist/Composer in Residence with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic 2014 – 2017

(Photo: © Jeroen Peeters)


In autumn 2013 Wim Henderickx signed a contract with Norsk Musikforlag AS. Since then we have been working intensively to publish his back catalogue as well as all his newest pieces. We are proud to inform you that this work is now completed, counting more than 40 scores.

Conductor Martyn Brabbins writes the following about Wim Henderickx:

“Wim Henderickx is one of the most individual and energetic voices in European contemporary music, with a serious and wide-ranging catalogue of compositions embracing a broad palette from opera to song, chamber music to symphony. As Chief Guest Conductor of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic I am delighted to be developing a close relationship with Wim. I find him a stimulating and visionary collaborator with a real passion for the craft of composition and for the art of communication. Wim Henderickx is a highly practical musician with whom the orchestra and I are always happy to work. I look forward very much to conducting his works in the future, both in Belgium and further afield.”

From August 2013 he joined the Royal Flemish Philharmonic (deFilharmonie) as Artist / Composer in Residence:

As part of Henderickx’s residency the orchestra has commissioned several orchestral works as well as a chamber music piece, to be performed between 2014-2017.

Recent premieres:
Oboe Concerto (Empty Mind I)
Empty Mind I, an oboe concerto, commissioned by the Royal Flemish Philharmonic was performed on 28 November under the baton of Martyn Brabbins.

Programme note:
The composer’s main objective was to break open time and space. He combined an open form (with free ordering of the various parts) and a closed form (a clearly defined score). Each section contains a strictly composed portion showing continuity between the parts, and a number of free passages where the soloist can follow his own path with the material.

A strictly composed melody, based on a keen interest in microtonality, is repeatedly interrupted by these free items, with extended techniques on the oboe, such as multiphonics, glissandi, etc.

The electronics consist of a harmonic drone (a tapestry of sound) in the different layers. The sound of the oboe, on the other hand, is manipulated live, creating a rich harmonic spectrum, based on the sound of this solo instrument alone.
Due to spatialisation (using geometric patterns) the sound fills the entire physical space. This spatial effect is reinforced by performing the successive parts at various places in the hall.ttp://

Video and interview with Martyn Brabbins, see below.

Recently Wim Henderickx was also involved in a huge community music project: Antifon (A resonating bridge) at the centre of a publicly funded celebration of the links between the twin cities Hasselt and Genk. It was premiered on 5 October 2014.

Classical MusicMagazine:
Wim Henderickx building bridges in Hasselt-Genk.
Upcoming performances next month include: 

11 January: On the Road for bass flute and electronics had its first performance in the US, Chicago. This concert will be the first of a number of performances around the US.  With last season´s performances of his orchestral piece Visioni de Paura both in Germany  and UK in mind, we are happy to see his music so deservedly reaching new markets and nations.

On 28 March Martyn Brabbins will conduct Henderick´s percussion concerto Groove! at De Roma in Antwerp.

Good pieces for children are much sought after. On 1 April The Witch Doctor and the Two Giants for narrator and orchestra, inspired by an Aboriginal myth, and born of the composer’s great interest in ethnic art, will be performed by the Orchestre National de Lille in France. The piece transports children into a thrilling and gripping story…

Wim Henderickx’ homepage: